Executing Your Will

The sum total of all your worldly possessions will be disposed of by your will. You spend your life gathering and accumulating and then after you’re gone, it all gets distributed pursuant to your wishes. This may be one of the few times in your life – well sort of – when you call the shots.

Ask yourself whether you are calling the shots now. Remember those donuts you weren’t going to eat, the stop at the gym you planned on making before you went home for dinner, and that paper you were going to finish writing? What happened? If it didn’t happen, who made the decision? Who executed your will?

The heart of mindfulness practice is the cultivation of self-awareness. As we practice mindfulness, a host of benefits, both mental and physical, take place that enhances our awareness, develops out ability to pay attention, helps us to regulate our emotions, and builds resilience.

A great challenge we all face is that the act of self-control may actually deplete our ability to exercise self-control. That is, exercising our will and limit our ability to continue to exercise our will. It may well be that mindfulness practice not only helps build our reservoir of will power (perhaps better known as still power), but allows us to execute our will without experiencing as much of a reduction in self-control.