Attractive Nuisance

In tort law, the “Attractive Nuisance” doctrine find landowners liable to trespassing children if the landowners allow a hazardous condition to exist on their land to which a child is attracted and suffers harm. One of the classic cases involves the poison pool, where children went swimming in what was an inviting pool of water that turned out to be toxic and killed them.

Jurisight recognizes that our mind continually wanders in distraction to places that are not in our best interest. The “Landscape of the Mind” diagram illustrates some of the more common places our minds wander throughout the day. These places can feel soothing, but like an attractive nuisance can lead to great suffering.

It can be helpful to know your mind and bring into awareness the places you tend to go that can cause suffering. With this awareness, you are more likely to catch your mind as it begins to move off in these perilous directions and bring it back to the present moment.

Click the below image to download the “Landscape of Your Mind” illustration. Find the places your mind tends to wander and begin to pay attention to times that it strays.