Contract law, perhaps a cornerstone of our civil legal system, has but a handful of core concepts. The three elements of a binding agreement are Offer, Acceptance, and Consideration. Jurisight explores all three. Here we look more deeply at the second necessary ingredient of that which binds human being to human being -- acceptance.

Life is continually extending us an offer -- to be here for the moments of our life as they unfold. Not infrequently we decline the offer. We may not even be aware the offer is being made. But fortunately, it is an irrevocable offer. It is always available. We are forever invited to accept the offer. Life doesn’t hold it against us that we continually decline.

Of course, we may live much of our lives, perhaps up to this very moment unaware the offer is being made. We simply resist the moments that are inconsistent with our expectations. We deny reality -- again and again. As Eckarte Tolle reminds us, we so often react as if to say “Reality, I’m totally against it.”

When we wake up to our reactive tendency to resist the events and situations that run counter to our wishes, a choice suddenly emerges. We have the opportunity to relate differently to the moment. Rather than resist that which, quite clearly, will never change, we open to it with an embrace that appreciates that it is exactly what was supposed to happen.

As we cultivate this powerful state of mind -- of acceptance -- we free ourselves from the demons of the past, the baggage of a conditioned heritage, and are able to approach the next moment with a mind and heart that is open to all possibilities.

The question (the challenge!) is how to move in this direction. How to begin to accept (not just in the mind, but all of our being) the forever unfolding of “this moment.”

One approach is silence. After all, silence can indicate acceptance. As we work on acceptance, we can being to explore the role silence can play. To learn more about Silence As Acceptance, click here.