On All Fours

The phrase “on all fours” is a colloquial expression referring to legal precedent or case law that is precisely on point with respect to the case at hand.

When you have a case that is “on all fours,” you are enthusiastic and optimistic. In course, you become courageous.

In Jurisight, when your “case” is on all fours you are practicing yoga -- most likely one of the sitting postures.

Another melding of Jurisight and yoga is found in the “Worrier to Warrior” program. Scott Rogers demonstrated this pose to more than 150 attorneys during the August 2008 annual retreat of the Business Law Section of the Florida Bar.

While Warrior Pose is a familiar one to practitioners of yoga, “Worrier Pose” is one that most lawyers and law students (most people for that matter) practice on a regular basis, often without awareness. It involves the hunching of the torso, bringing the arms in toward the body, and (in the second pose: “Worrier Two”) the bringing inward the fingers which fidget close to the mouth.

When we practice the “Worrier to Warrior” pose we celebrate awareness and change. We notice that we are engaged in Worrier Pose and bring awareness to sensations in the body, feelings, and thoughts, which creates the opportunity to mindfully engage the mind and body differently. The body then becomes the centerpiece for change as a deliberate shift is made to embrace “Warrior Pose.”

As with Warrior Pose which has two popular variations, so too does Worrier Pose. A video demonstration of the two Worrier poses and the transition from “Worrier to Warrior” is available online.