Jail is often understood as a place where people who have broken the law are incarcerated. Jail is where punishment is meted out. In an enlightened society, one could argue, it is also a place where transformation can take place -- where the conditioning that resulted in the improper behavior might be molded to embrace a more cooperative and lawful attitude.

Most people most days experience moments that are contracted, defensive, and not terribly fulfilling. These moments may consume much of the day or be periodic and less frequent.

With Jurisight, we consider these less than optimal states of mind and body to take on the quality of a form of incarceration. During those moments, you are in a jail of your mind.

This jail is not perceived to be a punishment, but rather an opportunity to transcend the bars that keep you from experiencing liberation. This happens through greater mindful awareness of the thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations that are arising.

The Learned Hand exercise of Jail/Liberation offers your hands as a cue that you are in a jail of your own construction and that you have, at all times, the keys to free yourself.

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