Fee Tail Position

The rule of inheritance known as “fee tail” has, for the better part of its history, made one person ridiculously happy at the expense of just about everyone else. As you will recall, the eldest male heir takes everything. To those not in line to receive, the application of this rule can seem unfair, leading one to feel less secure, uncertain of what will happen next, and vulnerable.

These feelings can often cascade into full blown states of anxiety and depression.

Today there are many events that can leave one feeling the same sense of worry and melancholy.

The Jurisight term “fee tail position,” is a reminder that when you begin to feel this discomfort, you can direct your awareness into your body, thereby disrupting the mental activity that can loop around these uncomfortable states.

One way to do this is to move, with deliberation, in to a fetal position. You can do this in bed or laying on the ground. As you do, direct awareness inward as you feel and sense your body position, listen for your heart beat, and open awareness to the sensations in your mind and body. As you do, breathe.

The yoga asana, or position, “Child’s Pose” resembles a variation of the fetal position and also serves this healthful and quieting purpose.