But For Pause

In establishing causation in the law, the “but for” cause of an event is the act responsible for the outcome. As all law students recall, “but for” X, the event would not have occurred.

This test is use to assign liability or culpability.

In Jurisight, the “But For” Pause is the intentional delay that you insert between an event and your response.

You may CHOOSE to pause for any of a variety of reasons. Some include:

1.* You are becoming agitated and reactionary.

2.* A person you are interacting with is becoming agitated and reactionary.

3.* You are not sure what to do or say.

Mindfulness practice involve cultivating the wisdom of knowing when to pause. By deliberately choosing to pause, rather than impulsively react, you disrupt the automatic cycle that can lead to regretted words and deeds. For example, an adversaries' poor conduct can quickly result in an impulse to response in kind--putting at risk one's obligation to follow the rules of professional conduct. Pausing offers one the space to see more clearly what is actually taking place, and made better decisions, grounded in an intuitive wisdom and compassion.

The Jurisight term, Res Ipsa Loquitur develops further this concept and practice.