Exercising Your Rights

The practice of law tends to be a left brain enterprise. The left hemisphere of your brain is very good at a bunch of L's -- language, literal thinking, and logic. You exercised it quite a bit in all your years of schooling and time spent doing legal research and writing, as well as reviewing case law and preparing legal documents and arguments.

Just as many in the United States tend to focus on the Western hemisphere and learn little about the Eastern Hemisphere, there is a similar bias with the hemispheres of the brain. We tend to exercise our left hemisphere and not pay to much attention to our right hemisphere.

The right hemisphere is a source of body awareness, a more immediate connection to momentary experience, and the seat of creativity.

As long as everything is going smoothly, we don't miss the benefits of right brain integration. But when things get a little shaky, we can become lost in a sea of anxiety, fear, doubt, and melancholy. All the while, the right brain becomes a life raft resting against the shore.

By intentionally exercising our right brain, we begin to integrate the hemispheres, offering ourselves a more whole and satisfying way of dealing with the challenges of the law -- and of enjoying all that life brings our way.