The language of Jurisight is the law. Its methods resonate with attorneys and legal professionals because it speaks their language. Just as a sherpa guides the interested and enthusiastic into unfamiliar and exotic terrain, Jurisight guides the lawyer into the profound terrain of his or her own mind -- through the cultivation of mindful awareness.

Through its workshops and presentations, the Institute for Mindfulness Studies (“IMS”) offers the language of Jurisight to law firms, law schools, and across a variety of legal settings so that it might contribute to a renewed sense of community, collaboration, and support.

Legal jargon infuses the Jurisight method. For example, Jurisight is known as a “Hands On” approach because many of the exercises involve the hands, and are known as the “Learned Hand” techniques.

A collection of Jurisight terms, along with a brief discussion of their application, can be found by clicking one of the legal terms found to the left of this page. Jurisight offers a creative and enjoyable means to supplement law firm and law school presentations, and to offer legal professionals across the world an opportunity to approach mindfulness from a slightly different angle and incorporate it into their lives in ways that are seamless and accessible.